Draw your weapon!
(No drawing necessary.)
 ill loot tables and dragon hoards in a matter of minutes. Design custom arms and equipment, fit them with a description and stats, and even apply custom dice sets; it’s as easy as a few taps to customize loot for your campaign.

Like walking into an equipment shop with a pouchful of gold.
Instant Armory offers the ability to customize a piece of equipment by choosing its individual parts. You can pick a blade, crossguard, and handle to build a sword, or a bottle and stopper to bag a potion. After that, each piece can be colored however you see fit. Want that blade to look like blackened metal? Great! Go ahead and fill that potion with a mysterious liquid of bright pink.

Choose from dozens of hand-drawn pieces to build loot perfect for your campaign.

Battleaxes | Daggers | Flails | Gauntlets | Greataxes | Greatswords | Longbows | Longswords | Maces | Mauls | Polearms | Potions | Shields | Shortbows | Smallbaldes | Staves | Wands | Warhammers

Amulets | Arrows | Belts | Boots | Breastplates | Capes | Crossbows | Fist Weapons | Hats | Helmets | Holy Symbols | Miscellany | Muskets | Pistols | Rings | Scythes | Spellbooks | Whips

They’re pretty, but can I swing them?
Now that you’ve designed that Fetidfiend dagger for the goblin king baddie or built the Shadowguard greatsword that you picked up from that going-out-of-business sale at the village blacksmith last week, how do you use them?

Each item comes with customizable dice sets that you can roll directly in-app. Pull up your inventory to easily swap between swinging your short sword, stabbing with your off-hand dagger, and drinking a healing potion.

Each item can also be downloaded as a stand-alone graphic or as a fully-realized equipment card with the item’s name, its description, and its stats, allowing you to stare at it longingly while the rogue is taking too long on their turn. You can then refer to its stats when your turn finally rolls around.

Time to start handing out the loot from the chest that the party FINALLY rolled high enough to open? Yes! Show the items in-app or on printed cards, then you can send the players share codes for each item so they can load them up for use on their own device!

So many options! What if I get stuck?
You can try hitting the randomize button in-app until you get something you like, or you can check out our item archive! It's getting updated all the time. You can download item cards without the app, or import them into Instant Armory to modify them to suit your own needs. Check it out here.

Too cool! But you don’t have <insert obscure historical/fantasty weapon/armor/trinket here>.
We’re always on the lookout for new suggestions! We have an ongoing poll for folks to vote on what we will work on next here. You get more votes to distribute every week, so be sure to check back!

You can also shoot us an email with your (admittedly awesome) wishes for further content.

Okay! But how much does the app cost?
Instant Armory is FREE to download and use. Design items from a myriad of parts and pieces (more being added all the time!) Roll as many dice and download as many equipment cards as you want!

There are various premium items and features that are only available with a small purchase, but hey, we even hid coins enough for SIX of these around the app (or two packs!... which would be EIGHT of them).

You can also just skip all that in-app currency business and UNLOCK ALL CURRENT AND FUTURE CONTENT for less than it costs to eat lunch out.

So, what are waiting for? Go try it now on Android or iOS!

Free coins, you say?
Yep! There are six coins hidden around the app. Need a nudge in the right direction? Here's a few hints.

1. Did you tap through the whole tutorial?

2. How about poking around the app to learn a little more about us?

3. What's in your inventory so far?

4. Which items did you name yourself and witch ones did you have the app suggest a name?

5. You want ANOTHER hint? Well that's a swing and a miss.

6. You need ALL six gold coins? Sheesh. What are you going to do, buy gilded weapons?