The Calamus
Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly IS the Calamus?
The Calamus is a fantasy tabletop roleplaying game companion. That means that it's a tool to make your life easier and more immersive when running or playing in a tabletop roleplaying game such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder.

Currently the Calamus features a robust map-making system, a way to make unique character tokens for PCs, NPCs, and Foes, a platform to host games that allow your players to join and add and move their characters in real-time. We're also pretty proud of the immersive chat that lets you send public or private messages, in or out-of-character.

Features and content are being added to the Calamus consistently.
What platforms are the Calamus available on?
The Calamus is available on Android and iOS devices, as well as PC desktop and laptop computers. We even have some Kindle users! The app is totally cross platform. Sign in on one device to make a map then hop on another to host a game.
How much does the Calamus cost?
After an initial 7-day free trial of the app, the Calamus requires a subscription. Because the app is cloud-based, which allows you to use it from multiple device and connect to your player's devices, our biggest costs are monthly server storage and traffic fees. The subscription model helps us offset these.

To get full access to the app costs $2.99/month or $30/year (that's two free months!) Player-only mode is only $0.99/month.
How can I print or download my map?
You can download the map in a .jpg format for printing or using on another service.

To access the feature go to the map's options. Click the left or right arrow until you see an Export page come up. Then just click Download Map, and - after a bit of processing - the file will appear.
What do I do if I have ideas for tiles or features?
Hey, we'd love to hear them! Shoot us an email at
Can I use maps made with the Calamus for commercial purposes, such as publishing in a book or using with paid DM/GM services?
Absolutely! All we ask is that you cite the Calamus as the software used to make the map and include our website ( It'd also be nice if you'd email us and let us know. We'd love to see what you're working on!

You can even generate codes to let your users download your maps directly to their Calamus account.
I love the app. Is there anything I can do to help?
The best way to help us is to share the Calamus. Introduce it to your fellow DM/GMs, leave a review on the app store, share it in any online gaming groups you're in. That said, we're also always on the lookout for feedback. If you experience a bug or have an idea for content or features, let us know!
I find the font choice of the app a bit difficult to read. Is there anything I can do?
You can actually turn on readability mode which converts most of the text in the Calamus to a more readable font. You can find this in the options page (the gear in the right bar). Tap over until you get the Configuration page and there it should be!