Every journey is made up of small steps.
We just took a giant leap.

The Calamus is releasing a totally FREE version of the map-maker with the ability to join others’ hosted games. However, many of the premium tilesets and key features, such as the ability to host games will remain available only with a subscription.

If you’ve supported us with a full subscription up to now, you can expect your experience to go on largely unchanged. We wanted to say THANK YOU by offering these premium token icons for PC, NPC, or FOE tokens in additional to the epic runic tokens that are already available with your subscription. These will be available the next time you log in.

If you have a player-only subscription, your subscription will automatically be converted to a free account with the Player Enhanced DLC automatically unlocked. Essentially, you won't see any change except that now you can make maps in addition to joining games.


Below, find details on what your version of the app offers compared to the new free tier. If you haven't signed in for a while, no worries. There's also a guide to the new features available in the app.


Benefits of your subscription.

Detailed comparison of features



FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Can make 24 maps at a time. Has access to expansive base tilesets, plus additional premium tiles. Can download maps in JPG format, and can import maps. Can share maps with a map code. Access to full Roommaker Tool.

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Can make 4 Maps at a time. Has access to expansive base tileset. Can download map as a JPG. Can import maps from Battlemap Archive and import maps others share. Can use Throneroom and Inn Commons in Roommaker tool.

FREE - Same as Player Enhanced DLC.


Character Tokens

FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Can make 12 each PC, NPC, FOE Tokens at a time with expansive and premium token icons. Gains Cardinal, Runic, and Bones epic token rings. Also gain 2x2 tokens. (Previous subscribers gain Necro epic token as a gift!)

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Can make 16 PC Tokens at a time with expansive token icons. Gains Cardinal epic token ring. (Existing Player-Only subscribers will also get Runic epic token ring.)

FREE - Can make 4 PC Tokens at a time with expansive token icons.


Game Connectivity

FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Can host or join up to four games at a time. Access to existing fog of war options.

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Can join up to four games at a time.

FREE - Can join one game at a time.


Game Chat

ALL - Full chat functionality while connected to a game. Send messages from account or controlled token, in-character or out-of-character, secretly or to the entire group.


Dice Roller

FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Access to generic and character specific dice sets available in and out of games. Results post to active game and chat when in-game. When hosting game, can hide results.

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Access to generic and character specific dice sets available in and out of games. Results post to active game and chat when in-game.

FREE - Access to a generic dice roller while in or out of games. Can create multiple dice sets. Results post to active game and chat when in-game.


Story Tools

FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Access to Character name and Town name generators as well as Stat Roller and Adventure Hook generator. Can email lists of generated names, stats, and adventure hooks.

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Access to Character name and Town name generators as well as Stat Roller. Can email lists of generated names or stats.

FREE - Access to Character name and Town name generators. Can email lists of generated names.


Cloud Connectivity & Cross Platform

FULL SUBSCRIPTION - Can connect to games on any device. Can log in on any device. All data will sync across devices.

PLAYER ENHANCED DLC - Can connect to games hosted on any device. i.e. Can connect from an Android device to a game hosted on a PC.

FREE - Can connect to games hosted on any device. i.e. Can connect from an Android device to a game hosted on a PC.

Frequently Asked Questions


I have a full subscription. What happens?
Nothing really. You can just keep going as-is. Your players can now connect without a subscription and you get a bonus epic token ring out of the deal.

Note: If you'd like to transfer your purchase from paypal to the app store, you can cancel the subscription on paypal. When it lapses in the app, you can resubscribe in the app store. Voila!


I have a player-only subscription. What happens?
Player only subscriptions are going away. When you log in to the app, it will convert your account to free and automatically assign the Player Enhanced DLC for no cost. You’ll log in as normal. It’s pretty much like your subscription except that you can also now make maps!


I haven’t used the app in forever. Will my content still be available on free?
For a limited time, if you log in, you should still have access to the content you made during your subscription or free trial and that will be available for updating on the free version of the Calamus. You can do this on any device, but changes made will not sync across devices while on Free.


I would like to cancel my subscription and use the free version of the app. Will I lose my content?
You will not lose content. You can cancel your subscription and use the app normally. When the subscription has lapsed, your account will be converted to a free account. Note: Cloud connectivity will be gone. So any device that you’d logged in on will have its content “frozen” to when you last synced with the server.


Some of those subscription features sound pretty sweet, but I don’t want all of them. What is an awesome person like me to do?
Most features will be available as one-time purchases, including the full roommaker, epic token rings, all token icons, more map slots, more token slots, etc. Notably, premium tilesets are only available with a full subscription.


Why did you make the switch to a freemium model?
It always bothered us that the app was only available through a free trial and forced folks into a subscription. We’re switching to this free model to open the app up to everyone so they can use it how they want.


I have ideas or suggestions! Where can I send them?
We love ideas and suggestions! Hit us up at us@trapstreetstudios.com. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Newest Features
(If you haven’t been around in a while.)


Battlemap Archive
Did your party take a left turn and now you need an enchanted glade for a meeting with a fae queen you didn’t even know existed 20 minutes ago? Pull up the battlemap archive here, pick a map, import it into the Calamus, make any changes you’d like and get back to the game! The Calamus has dozens of prebuilt maps with new ones being added all the time.


Dice Rolling
When the physical clackity-clack isn’t availble, the Calamus dice sets are there for you. Easily set up rolls with anything from a 1d2 to 100d100 with any bonus or negative you want. The rolls even pop up in hosted games and post automatically to chat.


Roommaker Tool
Just select a room type, such as throneroom or ship deck, and pick how big you want it to be. The Calamus will build out floors and walls and fill the room with objects in seconds. Then you can add or delete tiles to your heart’s content.

Throneroom, Blacksmith, Chapel, Graveyard, Barracks


Story Tools
Out of creative juice for your next adventure? Can’t think of the perfect name for your BBEG? Pop open the story tools in the Calamus to generate random ideas, character and town names, or even roll character stats.


Keyboard Shortcuts on Desktop
Now you can quickly navigate to individual map tools such as rotate and delete with a quick keyboard shortcut. More shortcuts will be added as the Calamus continues to grow.


Download Maps on Mobile
The option to download maps to a JPG for printing or use on another system was previously only available on the desktop version. Now you can download on mobile, as well as download the map without grid lines or without a background at all.


Share Maps
Sure, you can download your map now, but what about giving it to someone else for them to edit? With the full subscription of the app, you you can generate a map code that anyone can use to load a copy onto their device or even share with the Battlemap Archive.


New Tilesets
Tilesets are being added to the Calamus all the time. Some new options are below.

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