Create your own custom battle maps from anywhere.
ou love tabletop RPGs. So do we. We love the stories, the action, the laughs... the comradery. What we don't love is getting ripped out of the moment with maps hastily scribbled on lined notebook paper or low-quality images downloaded from the internet. A badly-drawn grid doesn't make for an epic battle, nor does a pixelated alleyway when what you really wanted was a mountain pass.

Map-making is hard.
The Calamus makes it easy.
Be prepared for every combat with huge battle maps created from hundreds of hand-drawn tiles. Make character tokens to place on the maps, representing the varied NPCs and Foes your party will meet. Host games for your players to join, whether they're across the table or across the world.

The Calamus is designed not as a stand-alone game, but as a tool to support your gaming sessions. Instead of leaning across a table to move your character on a dry erase board, just drag it across the beautiful map displayed on your device. Other players will see your action updated in real-time.

Create where you want. Play when you want.
Can't get the game off your mind? Already thinking of next week's encounters? Put that idle time to good use. With the Calamus, you can literally build your battle maps and character tokens anywhere you'd feel comfortable using your phone. With in-game chat, you can send your players private or public messages during off-time.

A player out of town during this week's session? They can still join in on the action. Their character movement will be updated on everyone else's device almost instaneously.

A living, breathing world.
You can edit your maps in real-time during a game. Players decide to chop down a tree to extend a makeshift bridge across a river? Add it with one tap. A castle hallway collapse when the green dragon flies overhead on round four? Just a few taps later and now it's full of impassable rubble separating the group. You can literally trap the party between a horde of goblins and a GROWING pool of lava.

Further, any edits made in a game will not affect your original map, so you can start from scratch with another party if you're running the same campaign concurrently.

Massive maps. Seriously.
Ever feel as if your map size is dictated by your size of paper? Maybe you've even taped enough sheets together to cover a table for truly epic battles. We know; we've been there. But we'll never be there again.

Want to add a stables outside your ruined keep? Just scroll over and start tapping. Want to build a whole city? We can't wait to see it. With the Calamus, you can build your map to any size you want. The app automatically adds space. And don't worry about load times on huge maps. The Calamus only loads the tiles you need at any given time, so a large map won't take any more time to load than a small one.

Now where is that corner piece... ?
With such big maps, you might think they'd take forever to make as you sort through corner or edge tiles and line everything up perfectly. Not so. The Calamus utilizes an intuitive tap-to-add system. Choose a tileset, say, Castle Wall, and start tapping. The app knows where corners and edges should go, automatically shifting as needed. Tap again, and the tile disappears. Many of our users boast being able to put together massive, detailed maps in under an hour. Simple ones come together in 10-15 minutes.

Speaking of tiles...
The Calamus boasts hundreds of hand-drawn tiles, created in the style of illustration on parchment. There's everything from trees to discarded bones to lava, all arranged in easy to navigate categories such as Castle and Outdoors. Further, the app offers six background colors, allowing you to set your battles on grass, ice, water, or at night.


New tiles are being added throughout the lifetime of the app, making logging in to find new goodies a treat.

One account to rule them all.
The Calamus is not only available on your Android and iOS devices, but is also available for Windows and Apple desktop computers. It is also in the process of being widescreen-optimized for the best possible experience on your Android tablets and iPads. You can connect your games to anyone on any platform, and with everything automatically saved to the cloud, download the app on as many devices as you want and continue right where you left off.

Printable maps.
Maybe technology has no place at your table or you have another game hosting service you prefer. That's alright too. With the desktop version of the Calamus you can download your map in .jpg format for printing or hosting on another service. The squares are automatically sized to one inch, perfect for your extensive collection of minis.

Let the Calamus change how you play.
Stumped on what kind of encounters you want next week? Scroll through the token icons or tiles. Maybe seeing the lion or wooden barricades will spark an idea.

A cleric in the group receives visions from his deity at inopportune times? Keep them completely secret from the rest of the party with private chat messages.

Your in-town play is total chaos? Build your villages and cities in the Calamus and have the players spend movement on their turns. The player who wants to go to the nearby potion shop will get there before the player who wants to trek across town to go to the blacksmith. Plus, since they're already on a gridded battlemap, an alleyway brawl can break out spontaneously.

An earth elemental is throwing boulders at the party? Add them to the map in real-time to act as obstacles or cover for the party.

You hadn't planned a secret door in the final room of the dungeon, but when the rogue - who's been having a bad night - asks to search for secret passages, you decide to include a new room behind the second bookshelf when he succeeds his roll.

A little about us.
The Calamus is made by TrapStreet Studios. That's a fancy way of saying that two guys who are really freaking passionate about tabletop RPGs devoted the greater part of their time over the last few years bleeding and sweating over this thing. We weren't lying when we say we love tabletop RPGs, and we aren't lying when we say we love the Calamus. The thing's our baby, but that said, we know it can be improved. Just ask our volunteer beta testers. When they have an idea or suggestion, we do everything in our power to see it makes its way into the app quickly, or at least on our lengthy to-do list.

Hey, don't take our word for it.
“I have fallen in love with this app. Personally I believe given time, it will replace roll20.”
- Scott Shumway, Facebook

“I love the software so far that's for sure. Y'all are doing heavens work over there.”
- Jason Eiserman, Facebook

“I absolutely love this app. It gives our DM everything he needs to play an encounter. I have also had a hard time finding anything even close to what this app can do.”

- Natashia Maldanado, Play Store

“The map components look amazing and feel like a real map not a cluster of busy renderings like other map making software.”

- Robert Klinzman, Play Store

“I can't rave enough. Absolutely love this app.”

- Kahlia Foster, Play Store

“Best mobile role-playing app out there!”

- Robin van Dyk, Play Store

“This is GREAT!”

- Aeres Tharn, Apple App Store

Why a subscription model?
After an initial 7-day free trial of the app, the Calamus requires a subscription. Because the app is cloud-based, which allows you to use it from multiple device and connect to your player's devices, our biggest costs are monthly server storage and traffic fees. The subscription model helps us offset these.

To get full access to the app costs $2.99/month or $30/year (that's two free months!) Player-only mode is only $0.99/month.

What else is in store?
The Calamus is a map-maker, a place to connect your players, an instrument to send messages, secret and otherwise. What it will become is a full Tabletop Companion, including character stats, dice rolls, and more. Here's what you can expect to see in the coming months.

It's true. We designed the Calamus for hand-held devices first. But scaling up was always our intention. One of our first major releases will have true widescreen support, optimizing the visuals of the app for both tablets and desktop computers.

We won't lie - this is the most requested feature we have and, frankly, it's the feature we most want to implement. It's coming! When implemented, if you turn fog of war on in a game, your players will only be able to see and move to the areas of the map that they've "discovered". I can promise you this will be a sight better than moving pieces of paper out of the way when the party slowly progresses into your ruined keep.

While the Calamus has quite a bit of tile and character token artwork in it already, we plan on adding more. A lot more. Look for thrones, rowboats, suspension bridges, and... well... a lot more.

What percentage of NPCs and Monsters only take up a 5ft square? We have no idea... but currently in the Calamus it's 100%. This will be shortly remedied with options to create 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4 character tokens.

Sometimes the goblin chieftain or skeleton king needs more than just a regular token to define it as a BBEG. Enter the epic character token rings, in two delightful flavors - compass rose and runic ring. (More styles to come later!)

compass epic ring

runic epic ring

It's only 6:00 and the party's blown through all the fights you have planned. You find yourself in need of a dungeon for them to delve. Sure, you could call a 30-minute break and whip one up, but instead of losing momentum, you opt to use one of the app's pre-built maps. Load up the castle, crypt, cave, cemetary, swamp, sepulcher of your choice, make any quick changes you want, and then host your game as if you'd built the map from scratch.

There's a deep dark stair tile. In fact, it comes in stone, wood, and spiral staircase varieties. With map linking, when your players step on that tile (or any tile you designate, really) they could choose to travel to an adjacent map - say, an inn's basement or dungeon's torture chamber.

With linked maps, you could literally tie together your entire map roster, letting your players explore an entire world. (Don't forget, each map can be of near-limitless size.)

Currently, you can automatically move to the center of the map, or if you're a player to your character token. What we'd like to add are waypoints that - once discovered - let you immediately bounce around to key parts of the battle landscape. This is particularly key if you take advantage of the "massive" part of the massive maps you can create.

Turn on play order and players can roll initiative up front and only move on their turns. With a few taps and swipes you can change the order of play if someone wants to hold an action or other game rules call for it. When a player's turn comes up, the app will notify them.

How cool would it be to see a sword on the map, lain across the feet of the crypt of the forgotten king, and be able to actually pick it up and add it to your inventory after the fight - stats and all? Find fatter lewt later on? Drop that dusty sword in your next encounter to give it to the rogue.


Full character tracking will include health, ability, attack, spell, and damage rolls, spell effects, and status effects... and probably more. The app will be designed to be system agnostic, so no matter if you're running the most popular ruleset or a rare published game, you should be able to track the numbers in the Calamus.

Wait, wasn't this one up above, you ask, always the astute observer. It was! However, the feature to download printable maps is currently only available on the desktop version. We'd like to bring it across all platforms, as well as let you order high-quality maps, in case you want to... I don't know... get them framed?

That's a little vague, right? Truth is, the Calamus will continue to grow and evolve. When we get new ideas we either log them on our ever-growing list or stay up until all hours in the morning implementing them right away. And you know what? Many of our features and tweaks have come from users. So if you've got something you wish the Calamus could do, please don't hesistate to reach out and let us know.